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A lot of efforts have been made to develop the international Internet environment. In order to achieve a better and efficient information infrastructure around the globe, there are very strong urgent demands in the area of Asia and Pacific for a practical working environment where engineers and researchers in related fields work cooperatively. Our AI3 Project was kicked off in 1995 by WIDE Project and JSAT. It has been operating a satellite based testbed network in SE Asia and producing a series of research activities using the testbed. The testbed and those activities are called AI3 (ei-triple-ai). AI3 Project contributes, promotes, and encourages any related efforts toward achievement of the international information infrastructure such as Internet, AII, and APII.

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  AI3/SOI Asia Joint Meeting Fall 2016
20th Anniversary of AI3
September 4-6, 2016, Bandung, Indonesia
Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives Project

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