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Md. Alee Murtaza, Ph. D
Vice-Chancellor of BUET

I am very pleased to learn that School on the Internet (SOI) Asia Project is going to celebrate the 5th anniversary. I congratulate all the partners of AI3 and SOI Asia in this auspicious occasion. SOI Asia heralded a new era in the field of Internet based distance education and learning using satellite link. It provides a unique opportunity to improve the quality of higher education and research in Asian countries through the utilization of the Internet and digital technology. Many students, academicians, researchers of BUET are immensely benefited through the interactive discussion and by attending different programme broadcasted by SOI Asia from its inception.

The rapid advances of information and communication technology promises to enhance the living standards of the people and the 21st century is ushering in a knowledge-based society. I think SOI Asia project is working in that direction. Presently, it connects the people of different Asian countries in real time and offers a means of sharing knowledge and development between nations through the use satellite based Internet environment in a less expensive manner. This project also acts as a platform towards the development of the necessary technology and skilled human resources for individual partners universities while using the environment.

I wish a grand success of the 5th anniversary of SOI Asia project.