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Prof. Dr. Ni Lar Thein
Rector of UCSY, Myanmar

I am Dr. Ni Lar Thein, Rector of UCSY, Myanmar. First of all, may I say thank you very much indeed for the contributions and invaluable continued supports to UCSY through the SOI project since 2001. This SOI Asia project has been and is still very beneficial to the Ph.D. program of UCSY and biotechnology students of YTU (Yangon Technological University). The contributions of SOI Asia Project to UCSY are very remarkable and appreciated by all of us. Without this SOI project support, we would not have achieved what we have achieved now.

Now we have new opportunity to strengthen the relationship between UCSY and Keio University. UCSY and Keio University, wishing to promote cooperation between the two institutions in education and in academic research, and agree to the following things:

  1. to exchange scientific information in the form of publications, instruction materials and other results of teaching and research;
  2. to support mutual visits by faculty members and researchers;
  3. to exchange graduate and/or undergraduate students;
  4. to develop joint research activities;
  5. to invite each other to participate in seminars and conferences organized by the respective institutions.

I believe that this cooperation agreement will become effective for our education and academic research.

To get more knowledge and advanced technology for students, now we have a plan to establish a new site UCSM (University of Computer Studies, Mandalay) which is situated in the middle part of Myanmar with SOI Asia Project. I hope that SOI project will support UCSM too.

We felt that we were greatly honored for the event of SOI Asia Project .Since then the standard ICT in Myanmar has been well recognized among ASEAN countries. I believe that our cooperation and collaboration will be sustainable.

Thank you very much.