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Harry S. Dachlan
Head of Center for E-Learning Development
Brawijaya University

On behalf of the Rector, staff and students of Brawijaya University (UB), I would like to say congratulation and many happy return of the day to the directors, staff, and partners of SOI Asia and AI3. For 5 years SOI Asia and 10 years AI3 have provided an important outreach to the Asia universities and institutions community. They have embraced a new community of staff and students who are have already started their application of information technology (IT), particularly internet in learning and education. They have shown that internet is very beneficial for learning and recognized that the passion for learning remains regardless of nation, government, or economic situation. But, they also have proven that the internet, can enhance, more effective and efficient the learning process. They have provided higher education and opportunity for all the people in the Asia region who have the will to study using internet based technologies, completing and eliminating traditional limitations. The Asia, communities and nations are more capable, more competence, and better because of the organizations extraordinary efforts to teach, train and educate. In this moment we celebrate a vision in action, a commitment that transcends tradition. I congratulate all of you-the entire SOI Asia and AI3 family-for achieving this remarkable milestone.

With SOI Asia and AI3, we have expanded education to mature students from the Asia community. This hasn't been limited to the successful or the driven. We have also reached out to those who have encountered lower knowledge in using the IT or been initially driven away from education. I am particularly mindful of the SOI Asia and AI3 work to attract low-knowledge and low-experience. Their mission to serve mature students has been inclusive and proactive. We know that education is the road to freedom, to economic stability, to expanded opportunities, and to personal and spiritual growth. The SOI Asia and AI3 have been helping our students to redress and increase their knowledges and experiences in biology, fisheries and marine technology, law, engineering, information technology, etc.

The SOI Asia and AI3 are indispensable organizations. The organizations are communities that represent "a training center" for our students. It is a model for the world. Our trained and experienced students as important to our nation in the future time as the educator, researcher, statesman, engineer, businessman, etc. As director, staff and students join together as a community, the organizations become a paradigm of respect, regard, good character, ethical action, inclusion, and progress.

I believe this partnership will be sustainable. Every one must prepare for the future by building strong character and strengthen collaboration. Again, I would like to congratulate all of you for five years and a decade of meaningful work.

Together, we are working to develop our culture to be more caring and tolerant for developing our science and technology.

May God bless us.

Thank you.