Modem Watch Dog

This page is for downloading MWD(Modem Watch Dog), the application to watch the status of the satellite modem. Now the applications for the modems SDM300A and NEC Nextar are available.

The structure of MWD

MWD is consist of three parts below. Modem Controler gets the status of the satellite modem through the controler line with the pc gateway. The controler lines are serial cables; for SDM300A 9pin-9pin cross cable, for NEC Nextar 9pin-25pin cross cable. For NEC Nextar uses, make sure your cable is atached to the RMAC port of your modem.

Modem Watch Dog daemon calls snmpwalk command and get the data from snmpd on the pc gateway. The daemon runs on the MWD server.

You can see the status of the modem on the WWW server, search the past status.


You have to install applications below before you install