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WIDE Project Internet related researches are working in progress in cooperation with WIDE Project. WIDE Project provides WIDE Internet backbone as transit network for global Internet.
JSAT Corporation AI3 network testbed is based on JCSAT-1B and JCSAT-3 satellites and AI3 Project is working researches on satellite Internet technology in conjunction with JSAT Corporation.
APII AI3 network testbed is a part of APII network testbed. APII (Asia Pacific Information Infrastructure) is conducted by CRL (Communication Research Laboratory) in Japan.
CRL CRL is one of the most important joint research partners under the framework of APII. AI3 Project pushes forward with establishment of information infrastructure and international joint research programs with academic and research institutions in Asia Pacific region.
APAN AI3 Project is a member of APAN Consortium.
TransPAC AI3 partners registered as APAN AI can use APAN TransPAC for the purpose of international research and collaborations with NSF authorized institutions in U.S.