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What's New?
2004 Mar 02 The new event, "The Integrated Media Systems Center" was announced.
  Feb 17 The AI3 Project Calendar is up
  Feb 17 The SOI-ASIA Events were listed as an upcoming event.
  Feb 09 The date of event, "SOI Asia Operators meeting"
  Feb 02 The date and venue of AI3 2004 Spring Meeting has been listed
  Jan 07 The figure of AI3 Testbed Network has been updated
      AI3 partner list has been updated
2003 Dec 03 NOBEL Laureates' and Eminent Persons' Lectures
  Nov 04 Event Entry Page is opened.
  Sep 19 The new page to show AI3 Network Topology Map
  Jun 06 Website for AI3 2003 Spring Meeting at Tokyo
  Apr 06 AI3 2003 Spring Meeting has been postponed
  Feb 25 The date of AI3 2003 Spring Meeting was fixed on Apr 23-25.
  Feb 07 Our Publication at SAINT2003 Workshops and Conference
2002 Nov 11 Announcement about AI3 2003 Spring Meeting (still tentative)
  Oct 03 Information about AI3 2002 Autumn Meeting at AIT
2001 Nov 28 Updating Comstream Monitoring Software
  Oct 26 Opening the download page for AI3 related products
  Oct 24 A publication to Proceedings Joint Int'l Conference MICC, LiSLO & ISCE 2001
  Oct 16 MRTG traffic page monitoring at USM
      Website for AI3 2001 Autumn Meeting
      Our Pulibcation to the journal in IEICE Transactions on Communication
  Sep 28 AI3 2001 Autumn Meeting
  Apr 19 CRL and APII clearly defined as AI3 partner CATEGORY 1
  Mar 17 Date and Venue of AI3 2001 Spring Meeting
      Additional embedded link for MRTG monitoring the satellite gateway at ASTI
2000 Dec 24 AI3 Routing Information
  Dec 06 Index by name to know who is the AI3 partners
2000 Nov 27 MRTG Map
  Nov 07 AI3 related mailing lists
  Nov 07 Country Update of AI3 Philippine at AI3 2000 Autumn Meeting
  Nov 06 Country Update of AI3 VIetnam at AI3 2000 Autumn Meeting
  Nov 03 Opening Ceremony of USM Earth Station
  Nov 02 AI3 2000 Autumn Meeting Minutes
  Nov 01 AI3 Indonesia Meeting Minutes
  Oct 24 Renewal of AI3 Website